Andrew Rolfe Organizes For Ubuntu Education Fund’s Charity Gala In London

The Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala that was held in London recently raised over £603,000, which is equivalent to R10 million in South Africa. The event, which was organized by Andrew Rolfe, had targeted to raise £600,000. This amount would be used to expand the capacity of Ubuntu Education Fund’s campus in Port Elizabeth. The campus caters to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Part of the funds would be used to improve the campus’ pediatric clinic.

Over the years, the Ubuntu Education Fund has offered their services to over 400,000 children from disadvantaged families in Africa. The entity has managed to achieve this objective courtesy of its manpower and resources. At their Port Elizabeth-based campus, the Fund addresses both the educational and healthcare needs of the children. They run a cradle to career program that seeks to take care of the children once they join the institution until they secure jobs.

The charity organization was founded in 1999. Initially, it was a small organization that only focused on providing children with educational tools. However, as the company secured more funding, it expanded its service offing. The expansion of the organization’s services has helped in addressing the negative effects of hunger and HIV on the children. Today, the Fund provides nutrition, health services, accommodation, and co-curriculum activities to the needy children.

At the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Dinner, Andrew Rolfe played a pivotal role in ensuring that the guests are comfortable. Jacob Lief and Sinsesipho Rabidyani made inspiring speeches. Jacob is one of the founders of the successful Ubuntu Fund.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the remarkable Ubuntu Education Fund. The philanthropist serves as TowerBook Capital Partners’ managing director. Rolfe holds a master’s degree from the prestigious Harvard Business School graduate. He pursued his undergraduate degree at the revered University of Oxford.

As a managing director at TowerBook Capital Partners, Rolfe is charged with the duty of handling the acquisition of various companies in the retail, food service, and hospitality industries. These investments are spread across Europe. A number of the companies are also based in the United States. Previously, Rolfe was the president of The Gap Inc’s international operations.


UKV PLC: Everything about Wine

United Kingdom Vintners, known most popularly as UKV PLC, is an independent wine consultancy company based in the UK. They are committed to guiding their clients in making best choices of wine and champagne for any occasion and event. They have a small team of wine experts to the world of knowledge and experience on wines and champagnes which often prove invaluable for their clients. Being an independent company, UKV PLC is not affiliated with any limited wine supply chain. This has two advantages which all work to the benefit of the clients. The first is that they do not have a limited amount of wine and champagnes to choose from, as would be the case if they affiliated to any supply chain. The second is that they have the freedom to recommend best choice of wine or champagne depending on the client’s needs without having to represent a particular brand or supply chain. This means that the only interests that the company serves and protects are those of the client and never those of a third party.

Besides offering advice for the best wine choices for consumption UKV PLC also provides advice and guidance for those who would wish to invest in the wine industry. Investment in the wine trade is very lucrative because of several reasons. The first is that wine gets better with time, meaning that one does not have to be in a hurry to dispose of the wine they have bought to make a profit, and the longer they hold on to it, the more profit they stand to make. The second is that wine prices remain stable even in unstable and unpredictable economic periods around the globe. For example, during the Brexit vote. Wine prices went up rather than dropping. Another factor is that there is growing enthusiasm for wine around the globe, an interest that has only increased in recent years. With the emergence of new global economic powers in BRIC states, there has been an increased interest in wine consumption and collection among people in these countries.

UKV PLC offers guidance and investment opportunities for people and entities that would like to try their hand in the ever lucrative wine industry around the world.


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo Leads Televisa Through Proper Broadcasting

Presently, Televisa is a leading television company for not only soap operas but also Spanish programs. Televisa is a proud distributor of Mexican programs across various states including America and Africa as a continent. With over fifty programs across these states, Televisa must be relying on an experienced leader like Porfirio Sanchez Galindo. From operating multiple television networks to cable operators and several services across advertising, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has established an excellent working rapport with various broadcasting channels.


As the chief executive officer of Televisa, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has ensured that his team operates under strict guidance of ethics. Porfirio is focused on seeing the success of Televisa through extending the services of the company across multiple countries. A quick look into his career leads to the conclusion that Porfirio Sanchez Galindo can be trusted with leadership and guidance.


Before Sanchez was appointed the chief executive officer of Televisa, he was vetted by the management. It was evident that he registered excellent leadership as well as managerial skills in different sectors. His personal achievement played a fundamental role in his appointment as a leader. Not only is Sanchez a good leader but also has a vast array of experience and accomplishment. In terms of academic achievement, Porfirio Sanchez has excellent records. He is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University where he achieved excellent credentials. His participation in the institute of software and technology played a key role in his achievement in the world of television. From Stanford University, Sanchez joined an executive program and majored in applied mathematics.


In terms of professional achievement, Sanchez’ academic qualifications better placed him as an achiever. From being an excellent advertiser and broadcaster to heading the media and entertainment worlds at Televisa, Sanchez has specialized in different forms of telecommunications. His experience has massively contributed to the impeccable performance of Televisa with the firm cashing in average revenue of approximately $ 10 billion. Under the leadership of Sanchez, Televisa has managed about more than 10,000 workers across the world. Under his belt have the employees worked as a team to deliver excellent results across the broadcasting platform. It is worth noting that with Sanchez on board, many investors have approached Televisa with the intention to use the platform for advertising.

Equities First Holdings: A Global Stock-based Lender

Established in 2012, Equities First Holdings (EFH) is an investment and advisory company. It provides individuals with a wide variety of financial solutions and also possibilities. The company’s name used to be Meridian Equity Partners before it was acquired and changed its name. After the acquisition of the firm, the president of the company said that 2014 was a year of consolidation and expansion for EFH.

The acquisition was transformational for the company and added five more offices for serving clients in the U.S., Australia, Europe, and Asia, taking the brand to a new global level. Currently, Equities First Holdings is located in London, UK. Since it started, the firm has completed 700 transactions and more information click here.

Since the year 2013, when Equities First Holdings opened its London office, the company has provided shareholder loans to numerous investors, The United States based EHF announced its fifteenth anniversary. It takes pride in the numerous transactions it has handled and completed since it started. Also, it delivered over $1 billion to clients in the least duration for the last four years and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

At the time of financial crisis, there’s usually decreased stock fluctuation, but EHF will always be there to take you and assist you to get out of that pressing situation by the use of stocks as collateral. The non-purpose feature characterizes the stock-based loans; it allows you to obtain the loan in the quickest way possible. The EHF has set a better means for businesses to give their stock as collateral and obtain a fast working capital and Equities First Holdings Website.

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How Eric Lefkofsky Takes Advantage of Data Medicine

Eric Lefkofsky has always been able to help people in the technology field. He knows a lot about technology, data and how it has an effect on the way that our world works. Eric Lefkofsky has always tried to help people and has made sure that he is doing things the right way no matter what is going on. When he had his business before, he tried to give people the chance to save money based on the things that he was doing. He also wanted to make sure that he could help other people and tried to always give them the options that they needed to be able to enjoy different things in Chicago. It was the way that Eric Lefkofsky gave back to his community. But, that wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to try to do other things and help people with more options than what they had ever had in the past and more information click here.

The way that Eric Lefkofsky was going to do it was through cancer treatment. He had been personally touched by the disease when his wife had it and he wanted to help other families. He knew that there was some connection between data and medicine but he chose to expand on that by starting Tempus. He worked to figure out what he could do to make things better for people and to show them what they would be able to get out of the situations that they were in. It was something that he was dedicated to and something that he continued to do in many different areas and learn more about Eric.

While Eric Lefkofsky was working to make things better for cancer patients, he was trying to figure out the data correlation between the different things that were going on for cancer patients. He came up with many different ideas in combination with an oncologist so that he could help them feel better about cancer. He tried to do everything that he could to make things easier and to research new methods for cancer and it all paid off when he was able to bring Tempus to different people and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Beneful Healthy Weight With Real Salmon Sold at Wal-Mart

Beneful Healthy Weight with real salmon is a popular variety of dog food for pet owners. Sadly, this variety is unavailable at Wal-Mart. All hope isn’t lost, however, because Wal-Mart does offer the Healthy Weight with chicken flavor at their everyday low prices. Although not as tantalizing as salmon, most dogs enjoy the taste of chicken, especially when it is Beneful kibbles.

The Beneful Originals with salmon is sold at Wal-Mart once your dog’s weight is back on track. If you make the switch, purchasing the Originals at Wal-Mart makes sense because it is unlikely you’ll find lower prices anywhere else.

If you opt to purchase another Beneful variety at Wal-Mart, do so after grabbing your coupons. Wal-Mart accepts Beneful coupons both in-store and online. Find the coupons at coupon websites, at the Beneful commercial website and through the newsletter, in magazines, and many other sources. Use a coupon at Wal-Mart to keep Beneful dog food prices down.


The Career Life of the Businessman, Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is well known in the business community of Colorado for being a leader. Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) offers a representation of the present philanthropic interests as a result of the experience gained from a couple of years that he has been in leadership. FAB refers to a non-profit making association committed to assisting the individuals with neuromotor frailties intensify their capability to manage and intermingle with their surroundings. He shaped his leadership skills by serving on the Panel of Denver Zoo as well as the Zoological Foundation of Denver. He also served as the chairperson of the Director’s Panel at Denver Hospice.

In consideration of education, Mr. Autterson is a Michigan Stet University’s graduate. He graduated in the year 1980 in line with B.A. in Finance. This happened before his entrance into the University of Denver for Graduate Tax Program. It is at the First Trust Corporation that he initiated his career. The Corporation is a Fiserv’s subsidiary. He moved out of the firm in the year 1982 with the intention of getting into a small group with the objective of chartering the trust company. It happened with the consideration of it as a junior to the financial services and incorporated resources with their base in New York. Following his efforts and efficient services in the course of duty, he ascended to the official position of Resources Trust Firm in the year 1986. Three years later, Broad Inc. acquired the Company together with assets under the ownership of the Integrated Resources, Inc. The Broad Inc. afterward became the SunAmerica. AIG received the latter in the year 1998 at the cost of $18 billion.

At the moment, Mr. Autteron serves as at different capacities. They include being a Member of Board, the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the CNS Bioscience, Inc. The company was established in the year 2013 under the headship of Scott Falci, who is the Managing Director. CNS refers to a clinical-phase drug advancement company that focuses on the neuropathic discomfort.

Therefore, Matthew Autteron is one of the successful businessmen who have worked tirelessly for a lengthy period. It is out of his long time of service that he is not only experienced but also successful in his operations as seen through the companies that he heads. The implication is that everything demands hard work and sacrifice for it to become a success.