End Citizens United: Fighting Today’s Injustices

In light of the political scene in America, a lot of organizations have been arising, which are fighting for change in society. A large number of people in the country are unhappy with the way things are going and want to find a way to fight against the injustice that is taking place in the American society. End Citizens United is one such organization that is currently trying their best to bring about a difference in society by bringing about a change in the political systems. The organization was formed by a group of like minded people who shared mutual feelings towards the political scenario in the country. The fact remains that a lot of people in the country feel like their voices can’t be heard just because they aren’t rich, powerful or famous. Because of this, the common people tend to retreat and not voice their opinions, leaving only the rich, powerful or famous with the chance to speak their minds.


This especially increased after the Supreme Court placed precedent for a law that went by the name of Citizens United. Though the title may seem like it is meant to bring together the people of the country, it infact did just the contrary. Citizens United was meant to give power to company owners and people who had a lot of money. Because of Citizens United, these people could now invest into political parties, without being questioned for it. This in turn, gave rise to numerous injustices in the political systems and parties, with corruption spreading in all corners. This was the break point where the gap between the rich and the common people of America began to widen even further. In a way, people with money were given more powers than those who don’t, causing widespread discomfort among the people.


Political parties could now receive donations, with neither person being questioned, resulting in tax evasion for the person who was giving the money. In addition, political parties began performing favors for people with a lot of money, asking for compensation in return, which again, could not be questioned. Being swayed by money, political parties and their candidates began to start setting laws and regulations in favor of the people that were donating to them, and not necessarily for the benefit of the masses.


Since its inception, End Citizens United has broadened its horizons, to try and support the people in the current political scenario. Most recently, the organization received a lot of light after it released a campaign called “Independent Investigation Now”, after the recent firing of FBI Director, James Comey. The organization is trying to persuade senators and people in power to call on a private investigation, and to find out for sure if Donald Trump is responsible for colluding with Russia, as has been circulating around media sources.



Chris Piazzi Dual Transplant and Help Given From the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Chris Piazzi’s diagnosis came early and he begin treatments to keep his liver functioning as it should. By 2015, Chris Piazzi life changed forever. After numerous tests were run, the tests concluded that one of his kidneys had cancer. After some careful thought and reviewing of his case, the doctors agreed that Chris’s best chance of survival was by having a liver and kidney transplant.

In February, on the 27th, Chris Piazzi received his transplant. Chris is on the chair of the College of Lake County Foundation and is currently the president of Mundelein Community Bank. The College of Lake County Foundation wanted to honor him and his dedication to the company at their annual golf tournament on June 12th. This tournament is to help raise money for students that are less fortunate by providing a means to further their education and expand opportunities in the workforce. Chris wrote a letter to the College of Lake County Foundation stating that while education is top priority, he learned another lesson in life. And that lesson was that life was valuable and precious. And by the gracious blessings of organ donations, he got a second chance at living.

As stated on Wikipedia, the Foundation has raised nearly $1 million dollars and helped 386 students in the 2015-2016 academic calendar year. The event helps with scholarships and grants at the College of Lake County Foundation.

The Cancer Treatment Center of America is a state of the art treatment facility that specializes and treats only cancer. This gives a more customizable approach to treatment options so that they are tailored for each individual need. Technology and treatments advance daily and patients have access to the latest in treatment options that are cancer specific. The doctors treat both the symptoms that patients experience and disease so that the patient’s quality of life improves during their treatment phase.

Avaaz Members show up in Numbers to Celebrate the World War 2 Victory Day

On May 8, members of Avaaz went out to celebrate France’s election results. This day was monumental to this activist group since it is the same day that the Allied forces secured victory in World War 2. Members of Avaaz joined by a veteran of the Auschwitz concentration camp congregated at the Eiffel Tower to express their joy. These activists were addressed by Elie Buzyn, who congratulated them for electing the president and urged them to shun way extremism.

Level of extremism before World War 2

Buzyn took some time to remind the activists about the extremist past that saw his parents sent to concentration camps because of their Jewish Faith. He was 15 years old at the time these atrocities took place, and when his parents passed on, he took up stone masonry work. Despite the attempt by the Soviet troops to rescue the prisoners in the concentration camps in Auschwitz, most of the incarcerated individuals had already been moved to other locations. In 1948, the World War 2 came to an end, and Buzyn moved to France in search of his extended family and a better life.

About Avaaz

Avaaz is a foundation formed by activists, and its head office is in New York City. This organization is an international platform that recognizes and acknowledges elections throughout the globe. Avaaz is a term derived from various languages and means ‘voice’ in English. Avaaz has more than 40 million followers in more than 200 countries worldwide. This international forum uses more than 15 different languages to communicate to its many followers. Avaaz has been in existence for over a decade and was formed by various progressive organizations. Avaaz is vocal about its mandate and has been featured by various media companies, such as The Guardian and 1843 Magazines. This foundation addresses issues centered on climate change, armed conflicts, economic crisis, and animal rights.

Whitney Wolfe Makes The Bumble Date App Popular

What people look for in dating today is vastly different than a generation ago. Today people look to new ways of meeting people. One of the new ways is by using apps that are on the market that are designed to help people meet through the apps. The apps that are making a mark in this effort are date apps for prople. The apps are exactly what the name describes. People use the date apps to meet people for the potential possibility of going out on a date or eventually establishing a relationship.

Currently the top date app on the market is the Bumble date app. This particular date app gives people many of the same features and functions found on other date apps but the Bumble date app is designed to provide an easier user experience. People can setup their profile quicker and list the preferences that they want for possible matches in more detail.In addition, people can start to receive contacts at a much quicker rate than with other date apps. One of the features of the Bumble date app that is different than most other date apps is that the Bumble date app gives women the main focus regarding the app. The app is geared towards allowing women to control the flow of the contacts and conversations made through the date app.

Behind the scenes, Whitney Wolfe is the person who makes the Bumble date app what it is for the users. Whitney Wolfe wanted the app to be an app that brings more control to women. As a result, the design of the Bumble date app is set in a manner that Whitney Wolfe feels will attract more women users. Whitney Wolfe is an experienced businesswoman who has helped to make the Bumble date app one of the most popular date apps on the market.



Karl Heideck’s Law Practice: Building a Successful Legal Career

Karl Heideck's Litigation CareerLitigation is an area of specialty in the legal profession. It includes the representation of a client before a court of law. The client may either be the plaintiff or the dependant depending on the case you are asked to handle. For most litigation attorneys in the United States, litigation is both challenging and exciting as an area of practice.

One of the attorneys who have built their success and reputation around the area of litigation is a Philadelphia-based lawyer called Karl Heideck. Karl is a professional who has done a lot of litigation work in areas such as risk management and compliance. He also does contract and business law. If you need legal assistance and advice with respect to drafting legal documents, he is also available.

In order to become an attorney and to practice in any of the states in the US, you need to get admitted to the American Bar. For Karl Heideck, he had to obtain his first degree before applying to the Temple University for his law degree. He did a degree in English at the Swarthmore College before earning his JD from the Beasley School of Law.

For any litigator, the workload varied depending on the complexity of case you are handling. For some lawyers, working in a big law firm helps in reducing the workload because there is enough manpower. Whether you are in a big law firm or you manage your own practice, you will find that hard work and resilience come in handy at all times and learn more about Karl.

NFL Fantasy Owners begin To Look Forward To A New Season


The 2017 NFL draft has finally been completed with teams already being seen as winners and losers even though rookies have not played a single second of time for their new teams. Most fantasy owners are still setting an MLB lineup with http://www.fantasyalarm.com/mlb as the NFL begins working towards starting the preseason camps and games that will make it easier for fantasy team owners to make a decision about who they will draft as they set out on a new season of daily, weekly, or season long fantasy leagues; the NFL draft will see a large number of new players arriving at teams hoping to make an instant impact on the fortunes of their new employers.


Choosing which rookies to draft can be a difficult thing for many NFL fans who will be looking to almost every position as they make their first moves of a season they hope will lead them to the top of their respective league. In many cases it is a good idea to take a look at the entire team situation to make sure the players being drafted, whether rookies or established professionals, will be able to make an impact. A good example is the Carolina Panthers decision to draft Christian McCaffrey as their marquee signing who should make an immediate impact as a receiving running back with the help of top quarterback Cam Newton; however, McCaffrey will also be looking to make yards as a running back and the Panthers draft included offensive line help that should allow him the opportunity to put up big numbers for any fantasy owner looking for a rookie to make an almost immediate impact.


The NFL draft is always popular for fantasy owners looking at the first couple of rounds for high quality performers, but outside the first two rounds there are often players who could get a chance of playing time each and every season. This year’s final pick, or “Mr. Irrelevant” was quarterback Chad Kelly who was taken by the Denver Broncos and may see playing time as Denver has yet to solve their own quarterback dilemma since the retirement of Peyton Manning in 2015.