Patty Rocklage, a Family and Marriage Counsellor is Helping Families Overcome Challenges

Patty Rocklage counseling professional who’s based in the Sudbury area of Massachusetts. As a therapist, she has been the face of happiness behind most families that are going through marriage and other family challenges.

Patty Rocklage employs the use personal communication to help identify her client’s problems and in a warm and welcoming manner, prescribes solutions. Patty is also keen on helping families and individuals overcome life struggles. Marriage is usually a demanding institution, and for that case, Patty Rocklage is passionate about helping newlyweds, and longtime couples find each other and survive the challenging journey that is marriage.

She is a graduate of the renowned University of Southern California, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She has since carried out her private practice in Massachusetts. She poses a Massachusetts Psychologist License and more information click here.

Patty Rocklage is married to an acclaimed scholar, Scott Rocklage. The two are avid philanthropists and are affiliated to Sudanese Education Fund. Patty is a member of this organization that aims at ensuring that Sudanese population living in Massachusetts gets access to quality education, employment opportunities and are financially secure.

Recently, Patty Rocklage and her husband Scott were recognized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for their contributions towards the refurbishing of the institution’s Nanotechnology and Nanochemistry lab. The couple was appreciated by the faculty and students on their commitment towards research and innovation.

Patty Rocklage’s career in family and marriage counseling

Patty Rocklage has carved out a name for herself in the field of counseling. She adopts a holistic approach in diagnosing and counseling couples, families and individuals. Party has also guided companies through their team building exercises so as to ensure employees connect and become better team players. She is also an excellent public speaker who is always called upon to lecture in public forums and resume her.

Besides her glowing career in counseling, Patty Rocklage loves being around her family. She is passionate about making a home out of her house. Together with her husband Scott, they once employed the services of Sudbury Kitchen and Bath Showroom to help refurbish their home and Patty’s lacrosse camp.

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A Review Of Lori Senecal’s Reputation Of Thought Leadership And Innovation

Lori Senecal is the global CEO of CP+B. The company announced her appointment to the new position in March 2015. Senecal is in charge of the firm’s global expansion strategies and growth. She is responsible for cordinating the company’s international operations. Lori Senecal is a visionary leader. She has been embracing technology, invention, and innovation at an international level. Her recruitment mirrors CP+B’s continued global impetus of having successful Infiniti global creative account. Senecal said that it was an honor to be requested by Chuck Porter to render her services for CP+B. She also said that she looked forward to contributing to the global expansion of CP+B by working with all stakeholders of the company.

In 2009, Lori Senecal left her position as the president of McCann-Erickson to serve at Kirshenbaum Bond &Partners as the president, CEO, and partner. To this end, this institution was re-branded to Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners. The organization had been under the leadership of MDC for 22 years. Following Senecal’s appointment, the firm’s co-chairmen and founders, Richard Kirshenbaum and Jon Bond, took a back sit in the day-to-day management of the business. They shifted their focus to incubating new businesses.Lori Senecal was appointed because of her extensive experience that she had gained by working for major multinational agencies. Senecal replaced Aaron Reitkopf, who had served the company for 12 years, two of those as the CEO. At the time, Kirshenbaum’s Bond sought to expand beyond its main office in New York. Lori played an integral role in expanding the company’s products and services to different regions. She was tasked with the duty of managing $700 million in billings from customers like Diageo, BMW, and Panasonic. Senecal was also in charge of 300 employees.

In a statement, Kirshenbaum Bond noted that Senecal has a remarkable reputation for innovation, creativity, and thought leadership. The agency went on to say that these principles auger well with their mission statement. The management of the corporation posited that they had been privileged to have numerous talented executives in their organization. They contended that Lori was the first executive that they felt would completely enhance their reputation as a named partner in their masthead. Miles Nada, the CEO of MDC Partners, noted that Senecal’s expertise, breath of knowledge, and experience would enhance the effectiveness of Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners. He went on to say that her presence will enhance the reputation of MDC Partners as the home of executives that have strong entrepreneurial tendencies.


Dating App For Women-Bumble

It has never been easy to find a perfect mate and lover, but thanks to the technology which has helped in bringing soul mates together and closer. Before internet dating meant to find a computer to connect with others who are searching for soul mates, but due to the technology advancement, one only needs a smartphone to connect with their lovers.

Bumble is one of the mobile phone apps for dating which has been experiencing a tremendous growth since it was founded. The app is mostly described as feminine a sit favors women not only in the United States by all over the world to connect and find lovers. The use of Bumble as a dating app comes with several advantages which include;
• Improved features: Bumble has unique features which enable the user to send video messages or even new songs to the loved ones.
• Convenient: Bumble offers an excellent opportunity to those individuals who are busy and do not find to meet new people due to their busy schedule. It is the best to use to find a lover.
• Faster and more efficient: Bumble gives the user an opportunity to connect with their soul mates quickly compared to dating sites.
• Show mutual friends: it offers the user a chance to meet friends through their mutual friends which are fun.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble app. Wolf describes the app as one of her most beautiful dating apps. Whitney created the app primarily to change the lives and how women look at dating. Her dream is to make other women happy in the dating life. Whitney Wolfe began his dating app with a team of other women, and they worked very hard to make the app one of the favorite apps among women in the United States. The dating app has its Headquarters in downtown Austin.

Whitney Wolfe is the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble. She was raised in Salt Lake City Utah. After her high School graduation, Whitney Wolfe joined Southern Methodist University when she studied International Studies. Whitney Wolfe began business while still in College by selling Bamboo bags. Her entrepreneur spirit has continued even after college, and her dream is to make the dating app big to reach other women in the world.

A Waiakea Water Launched Contest

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water and Skyscanner gave one lucky social media follower a four-day ticket and a round trip up to $1,000 in free airfare to beautiful Wanderlust, Oahu, for the Wanderlust Yoga Festival and its #FollowYourFlow contest.

The Festival took place January 23 through January 31, 2017, with the winner announced on February 1. Featured was a collaboration of world-class yoga instructors, guided outdoor adventures, meditation, live music, and local sustainable food.

Babyboomster reveals to us that the contest was inspired by the commitment by Waiakea water to fuel a healthy and balanced lifestyle with the use of their naturally electrolyte-rich and alkaline Hawaiian volcanic water. Originally what is rain and snow melt on the snow-capped peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano is filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic lava rock that re-emerges at its source at the volcano base in a secluded area surrounded by bio-diverse and rich forest preserves. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

That produces one of the world’s most naturally pure, alkaline, carbon-neutral, electrolyte-rich, and delicious waters. In addition to using one of the world’s most sustainable fresh water resources, they also use only 100 percent RPET bottles with a 90 percent smaller CO2 footprint than its competitors, utilize low emission shipping, and participate actively in regional reforestation.

Waiakea water boasts a mineral composition and pH that is rich in electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. With its naturally high alkaline 8.8 pH, the water has no acidic or sour taste but rather a slightly sweet preferred aftertaste.

This unique environment and process in an aquifer with a 1.4 billion gallon recharge rate and which uses 33 percent renewable energy results in a crisp, light tasting, and award-winning profile that is loved for its distinctive taste in Hawaiian poi, sushi, a Caprese salad, and other dishes. Silica gives it a silky smooth taste and mouth feel.

Its eco-conscious packaging is high-grade and recycled 100 percent polyethylene terephthalate that uses 85 percent less energy to manufacture compared to regular or virgin plastic bottles, reduces carbon emissions by over 90 percent compared to traditional bottles, and the plastic is BPA-free.

According to PR Newswire, Waiākea water is completely isolated from the rest of the world, is surrounded by 10 million square miles of ocean, and is 2,400 miles from the closest industrial land mass.

Close to five percent of Waiakea’s revenue goes directly to local community nonprofits and programs. Also, for every liter sold, Waiakea water donates one month of clean water to a Malawi resident as well as six new Elephant Pumps through its partnership with Pump Aid.

Pump Aid is a charitable organization dedicated to direct-to-community clean water supply and sanitation services. The organization also teaches local villagers how to use and maintain the pumps, which ensures that the community will have safe water for life.

The Awesome Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Giving Amazon a Run for Its Money

Few upcoming brands take on bigwigs when they start, but when you are selling cute athleisure, you might. Most startups try to take on smaller players before they take a shot at the big boys, but Fabletics is having none of that. They have taken fashion retail by storm. Perhaps having Kate Hudson in their ranks gives them the feeling that they have the A-game already. They are already turning heads and earning rave reviews all over.


In 3 years, Fabletics has a valuation of $250 million. It is unbelievable but true. It takes fashion startups a decade or so to get that kind of valuation and most die before they even reach there. The company has positioned itself uniquely in the market by ticking all the right boxes. The women athletics and workout gear store has a digital and physical presence in over 16 locations including Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas and Colorado.


To encourage organic growth and expansion, Fabletics uses subscription-based selling. Just the way technology startups work, Kate believes that people need to own the idea before they move on to serious buying. It follows logic that if a person cannot subscribe, she is not ready to buy yet. Through the subscription, members can receive regular updates on new releases, trends, and bonuses.


With this kind of selling, it helps the company focus on other things. For example, the company can engage more aggressively into brand selling, which combines personalized boutique selling and incentive-based promotions. Even when a person has not planned to spend on clothes, the sheer size of discounts and offers becomes too sweet to ignore.


According to the company, it also all depends on knowing the client and what matters to her. Fabletics scans and scours through online data on social media and mainstream media to understand the market and the people. To do this, it requires a dedicated and talented team to do this. Fabletics co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have extensive knowledge in social media and big data.


Using analytics to understand the market is easier to say than do. One must follow trends and be ready to reinvest the knowledge. The company is risk-positive and judging by their bold and adventurous attitude towards selling; they are just the right team to utilize any newfound knowledge.


Despite this being a niche market, Fabletics makes its clothes accessible to people of all cultures. It is also important to note that the company goes all out to put its hearts to the brand. It makes sure that over 30% of the people who visit stores are signed members. Through reverse showrooms, the company guarantees that up to 75% of the store visitors are members.


Fabletics doesn’t just sell apparel and workout gear; they develop a relationship with you. First, you take the lifestyle quiz; this survey gives them an idea of your tastes and preferences. Once you join, they tailor make your clothes every month. You don’t have to pay anything to be a member. It is absolutely free. Join and be one of the lucky and happy customers of this new phenomenon.