George Soros, Supporter of the Democratic Party

George Soros is a hedge fund manager, a noted donor, and a supporter of the Democratic Party. Soros and other members of the Democracy Alliance club organized a conference for members of the Democratic Party after Trump won the election. Some of the individuals who spoke at the conference were Senator Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and Keith Ellison. The meeting on was the first gathering of the major stakeholders of the Democratic Party after the surprise loss of Hilary Clinton. Some of the main agendas discussed included the way forward for the party during the next elections and how they would work to thwart Trump’s attack on Obama’s legacy on Some of the members of the party called for a complete retooling of the Democratic Party so that it would evolve accordingly with modern times. Many of the topics that were discussed at the conference were changed since most people had predicted that Clinton would win the election.

The Democracy Alliance donor club was started in 2004 by mega-donors of the Democratic Party such as the late Peter Lewis and George Soros. The club has more than 100 members today and includes moguls such as Donald Sussman, Tom Steyer, and several organizations such as liberal foundations and labor unions. Members of the club are required to contribute at least two hundred thousand dollars to groups that are recommended by the party. They also make a yearly contribution of more than $30,000 which caters for meetings and events on Forbes held by the club. Interested donors of the party were given an exclusive tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The party has contributed more than half a billion dollars to groups that are affiliated with the Democratic Party including the Center for American Progress and Catalyst which is a data firm that is run by allies of Clinton.

George Soros first ventured into political funding during the 2004 election when he supported John Kerry’s campaign to ensure that George Bush was not re-elected. Soros was mainly involved in the last election judging from his donation of more than 25 million dollars towards candidates running on a Democratic ticket. He has not been majorly involved with previous gatherings organized by the group, but it was different this time since he even led a panel at the conference that took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington D.C. George Soros was very vocal about the candidature of Trump and has called him an impostor and not a president. He had called out Trump and Ted Cruz for doing the work of ISIS during the campaigns.

Soros gave to some super PACS that are affiliated with the Democratic Party during the last election cycle. He gave 2 million dollars to American Bridge 21st Century which is a super PAC that conducts research on the opposition. Soros committed $5 million to both Immigrant Voters win and Voters Right Trust which works by increasing the turnout of minority voters and fighting the opposition’s efforts to ensure people do not vote. He also supported Senate Majority PAC which funds Democratic Senate Candidates and America Votes which mobilizes people to vote.

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Julie Zuckerberg, an Executive Recruiter Based in New York

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruiter based in New York City. She is famous for her specialties like talent and management acquisition. Currently, she is working at Deutsche Bank as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead. Due to the nature of her job, she gets the opportunity to interact with prominent business personalities who seek guidance from her for process improvement and recruitment strategies. A great number of companies approach her for negotiating top management job offers. In addition to this, she also coaches recruiting teams and counsel leadership and executive committees. Previously, Zuckerberg served at Executive Recruiter Company as Talent Acquisition. Her main job was to maintain business relationships and deal with contract governance. Her performance has been outstanding throughout her career of fifteen years. Julie Zuckerberg was serving at New York Life Insurance as Corporate Vice President and Senior Recruiting Lead before joining Deutsche Bank. Her main role was to manage recruitment process and analyze customer requirement with the management.



Before joining New York Life Insurance, Julie Zuckerberg served at Citibank for more than six years as Vice President and Executive Recruiter. She had a wide range of responsibilities there which included negotiating complex senior level job offers, advising recruitment strategies, and international talent sourcing. She used to work at Hudson as Candidate Placement Director before she moved to the Citibank. She had many responsibilities at Hudson which included recruitment of various professionals like case managers, support staff, paralegals, and attorneys. In addition to this, various legal firms, corporations, and financial institutions hired Zuckerberg for the recruitment on temporary positions. She has also led conflict resolution and counseled & coached employees. According to her colleagues, Julie’s academic background and work ethics are the reason for her success.



Initially, Julie Zuckerberg decided to study Philosophy for which she took admission in New York Brooklyn College of City University. In the middle of her studies, her interest changed, and she went to New York Law School. The move was the reason that talent acquisition became her career. Zuckerberg was lucky to have great teachers and mentors in her life. She worked under extraordinary professionals that became her mentors. They were the ones that became her inspiration and motivation. They improved her skill set and groomed her personality. As a result, Julie Zuckerberg became an unmatched professional in the world of corporate business. Today she is known for having skills like human resources, conflict resolution, employee training, coaching, acquisition & management, sourcing, and team leadership. Another reason for Zuckerberg to succeed in this modern era of business is the interest to improve efficiency with the use of technology.



Julie Zuckerberg takes out time for her leisure despite having a very busy professional life. She takes great interest in the vibrant culture of New York City which offers so much to both tourists and residents. Her friends and colleagues believe that her personal life is one of the reasons why Zuckerberg has amazing ideas at work. Zuckerberg is also an advocate of animal rights and underprivileged people.


Human Rights Advocate-Thor Halvorssen

Fighting for the rights of others has been his passion, and this is what gives him satisfaction. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activities, and he is fully committed to fighting and advocate for the rights of others. Thor knows well what it means to be a fighter as he comes from an activist background where his parents were also human rights advocates. Thor’s father was jailed in a Venezuelan prison while his mother was shot dead during a demonstration.

Thor Halvorssen was born on March 9th, 1976 in Venezuela. After his high school graduation, he attended he participated in the University of Pennsylvania. Thor is Venezuelan and Norwegian, and he comes from a royal family. His mother was related to the first President of Venezuela while his father served as Venezuelan Ambassador for anti-narcotics. Thor’s passion and desire to fight for the rights of others led him to establish his foundation and called it Human Rights Foundation where he is the Chief Executive Officer, and he is loyal to worldwide human rights and freedom.

Thor Halvorssen is not only a human rights advocate, but he is also a film producer and where his mainly focus on producing on the political field, public policy, public interest advocacy, individual rights, pro-democracy advocacy, as well as civil liberties. Mr. Halvorssen dreams are to see that every person is equally treated and their rights are met. Thor is also the creator of Oslo Freedom Forum one of the largest annual congregation which is described by the economist as an extravagant Human Rights Festival. Halvorssen is also involved in other human activities, and he is the patron of On Own Feet which is a Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement, and he is also the founder of Moving Pictures. Thor is a go-getter and him always on the move to succeed in life, in May 2010; he purchased Ny Tid a Norwegian news magazine.

Thor Halvorssen specializes in matters concerning human trafficking, threats to democracy, slavery, and dictatorship. Thor has also been invited by several institutions including Harvard Law School, the New York City Junto, American Enterprise Institute, and the United Nations Associations in New York to lecture on the subject of human rights.

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Tammy Mazzocco is The Ultimate Real Estate Professional

Tammy Mazzocco has been involved in Cleveland, Ohio real estate since the mid-nineties when she was an executive assistant in Cleveland Ohio. She soon was involved as a property manager for several properties, but then got her real estate license and began selling. It was there that she found her true calling.

She gives a lot of credit to several individuals who helped her along the way, but it is obvious that her dedication and work ethic has had a lot to do with her success as well. Admittedly a bit shy by nature, Mazzocco found that if she engages a prospective buyer in conversation about themselves, the ice is broken and a real friendship is launched between the prospective buyer and herself.

The Cleveland real estate market in 2016 was a good one with a strong job market that propelled and motivated people to enter the market and buy their homes. A low financing cost with very good interest rates was a driving force as well. When you have such a good combination of factors as those, the environment for people to invest in real estate is strong.

However, by election time around November signs of change appeared on the horizon. A sudden shortage of homes on the market along with interest rates that were hovering around the 4% level started to dampen the strong trend of growth and the market slowed down a bit. There were still plenty of buyers, but there were a whole lot fewer homes for them to purchase.

Mazzocco has been through several down real estate periods and this in not one of them yet. Even so, she states that there is no point in worrying about something you can’t control. Sometimes you just have to work a little harder and be a little more effective. Focus and organization are the keys to her success, and so are the people that are her customers, as she puts them first and they respond in kind.

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