Is This The End of Ski Vacations?

Growing up in northern Minnesota, snow is an inevitable part of winter. I have a difficult time imagining a frigid January day without a layer of it covering the ground. That is, until I stumbled across an interview with Andy Wirth by KCRW titled “How Will The Drought Affect California Ski Resorts. – Learn more about Andy Wirth:

In my protective bubble here in the Upper Midwest, it’s easy to forget about the drought that’s affecting not just California, but also much of the South-west of the United States. When most people think of the impacts of a drought, they think of a lack of rain, not a lack of snow.

Before listening to the interview, I was left with one question. Will drought, and ultimately climate change, be the end of skiing? According to the interview with Mr. Andy Wirth, it doesn’t have to be.

So, who is Andy Wirth and why should we pay attention to what he has to say? According to, he is the CEO of Squaw Alpine. He is also responsible for the gondola that connects Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, which allows visitors from one side of the mountain to get to the other without driving (

Also, according to to the interview, he has a minor in meteorology. Simply put, snow is his business, and he knows what he’s talking about. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Although there was a decrease in the amount of snow at Squaw Valley last year due to the drought, they were able to get by thanks to better technology that can be used to create snow and manage the snow that is already there. According to Wirth, it’s important for ski companies to be dynamic and evolve with the changing climate. This means catering to summer activities as well as winter ones.

Furthermore, Andy Wirth says it’s possible for ski resorts to take advantage of the volatile weather changes. That means taking advantage of the better technology in snowmaking, as well as opening only as many ski runs that allow for the best skiing possible, as well as taking advantage of large snow falls when they do happen.

So, are ski vacations in jeopardy? After listening to this interview, I don’t think so. I believe that just like everything else in life, they’ll evolve and change with the times.

Criminal Justice Technology Solutions with Securus Technologies

As Securus Technologies, we are a leader in providing criminal and civil justice technologies. Securus Technologies helps in the maintenance public safety, corrections and monitoring, and investigations. As a company, we have made an announcement posted on PR Newswire’s website to help in highlighting breaches of integrity and wrongdoings by other communications service providers in the criminal and civil justice industry.
Richard A. Smith, our company’s Chief Executive Officer, stated that we love our industry: corrections, serving law enforcements, inmates, friends and family, and inclusive of all the society. Our CEO and the entire industry have been offended by how some carriers bends below the integrity bar in contrast with other carriers and the set standards. Our business’ mission as Securus America Technology goes beyond making money. The mission is serving our customers in the right way, with integrity, while holding the client’s best interests at heart.

Among the notable malpractices of other carriers in the industry include; unlawful programming of clocks, scheduling of the telephones at higher rates than the allowed and artificially inflating charges to get more money from customers. Billing of a single call more than once is another way used by some carriers to loot the customers. Mr. Smith, our CEO, stated that the clients in the industry require a high integrity level and not intentional malpractices.

Our company, Securus Technologies, has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. We serve a broad range of clientele with over 3,450 agencies in the public safety, corrections, and law enforcements. Across North America, Securus Technologies serves more than 1,200,000 inmates. See, BBB.

As Securus Technologies, our core commitments are to serve and connect. We make this possible by providing public information, incident management, emergency response, and information management. The monitoring of products and services accompanied by biometric analysis, inmate self-service, investigation, and communication, helps in securing the world in which we live.

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Doe Deere Urges Haters to Take a Seat- She Has Better Things to Care About!

Certain individuals were put on the earth to stand out, and to encourage others to do the same. Russian-born Doe Deere knows a thing or two about being different, and based her makeup company, Lime Crime, off the thought of expressing yourself through makeup. Often referring to herself as the Queen of Unicorns, Deere greatly enjoys claiming that she and her fans (Unicorns) were simply born different, and that there is nothing wrong with that!

Using Dita von Teese and people in general as her influences, Deere regularly steps out into the well-deserving spotlight to revel in her business glory. Often using humor to pave her path allows the Queen to get through her day–specifically any daily business burdens. Rising above the negativity allows Deere to execute her business tasks, improve her fan base, and to remain level-headed as she strives to make a difference. How does she do it, though?

The answer is simple, and when Galore Magazine asked Deere how she deals with the haters dwelling on the internet, she responded with this: “I ignore them.” This important message should be exclaimed from the rooftops, due to the fact that most entrepreneurs become the victim of cyberbullying at some point during their careers. As Deere described that most claims made by people on the internet are completely false, the listeners were able to better understand just how simple it really is to ignore haters. Additionally, the Queen of Color, Unicorns, and Expression let everyone in on the most important factors when dealing with online bullying: These people never put a face to a name or vice versa. Essentially, how should you take offense to something said by a nameless, faceless individual? If you cannot back up your claims, you do not really have a claim, right? Thank you, Doe, for your glorious disproval of those internet bullies! You can continue ruling the industry now.

To finalize, it is important to never forget that even the most eccentric of people are entrepreneurs and great at it to boot! Doe Deere never intended to have her own makeup company, and often let her makeup application be limited to her sleepovers with friends. Thankfully, her random inspiration created the company that so many love today, and that is truly why she will never give into the bullies.

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Dick DeVos Helps Contribute to John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

Recently the John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts has been able to reach its fundraising goal of $50 million during one year. As a result of this goal being reached, the organization plans to raise its goal to around $75 million in the near future. With more money raised, the arts center will have the resources necessary to expand its programs as well as help keep the organization operating at its best. The organization was able to reach its goal with the help of a number of donors making tens of millions of dollars worth of donations. One of the top contributors to this organization is Dick DeVos. Since DeVos is an avid fan of the arts he has provided the organization with a lot of money to help it achieve its funding goals on an annual basis.

Dick DeVos is a well known businessman and philanthropist who make contributions to a number of charitable organizations. The main causes he makes donations to are for the performing arts, education and business. One of the most common causes he makes contributions to is the arts. Along with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, DeVos also holds arts contests in order to allow artists to showcase their talents. He awards those who win contests with the best work. With his contributions to the arts he helps these organizations reach a number of goals including the expansion of exhibitions, improvement of operations as well as education and professional development for managers of such organizations.

Another cause that Dick makes contributions to is education. His main focus in contributions to education is providing scholarships for business school students. Since business school can be quite expensive, very few can easily afford it. DeVos’ program helps give students the money they need to take advantage of this great opportunity. With a business school scholarship, students will get the knowledge they need in order to improve their employment prospects, reach their career goals and also learn how to become top level managers.

Lastly DeVos makes donations for programs that help people start up their own business. His financial contributions help businesses acquire more property and inventory which will help it expand and have the ability to provide more products for their customers. The programs also offer individuals to get education which will help them have the knowledge they need in order to maximize their chances of success in business.


Networking Community Honors Brian Bonar With Highest Award

The current CEO and Chairman at Dalrada Financial Corporation won the prestigious award from Who’s Who at Cambridge. The honorable executive award is only given two four individuals out of the many candidates. Of the four selected executives, two are men and two are women, all from different professional industries. Landing a place on the Who’s Who list itself in an honor, regardless of the Executive of the Year award.
Many things are considering by the committee that choose the candidates for the award. The team at Cambridge assess the executives experience and capabilities through professional qualifications. Their academic backgrounds, industry achievements, and ability to lead must all be top notch. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive and Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Brian has decades of experience working as an executive in finances and management for the industry, and has spent a good half of his career working as the Chief Executive Officer for Dalrada Financial Corporation. On top of his current position at Dalrada, Brian plays a part in other companies as well. He is a Chairmen at Trucept and The Amanda Co. He is also CEO at Smart-Tek and President of Allegiant Business Service.

Dalrada Financial itself acts as a intermediary for marketing and supplies a large variety of different clients with employee management of benefits. By allowing the client to focus more on other core aspects of their business, while taking care of finances, compensation, risk insurances, business management and liabilities, they can increase their overall business productivity.

Brian Bonar and the companies associated and working along with him help clients that are unable to afford full time HR departments. Small companies half to outsource this kind of expertise to benefit, that’s where Brian comes in to help.

Relative to winning his award, Brian Bonar has high academic achievements, earning his bachelor’s in engineering from James Watt Technical College. He later went on to earn his Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Stafford. Today, he has his Ph.D and is a member of the American Finance Association.

Before starting at Dalrada Financial, Brian also worked at Adaptec, Solvis Group, American Management Services, and more. His career started off at IBM, where he worked as a procurement manager. He followed this up with QMS, where he worked as a Director for Engineering with over 100 employees under his supervision.

After this Brian started up his own company, Bezier Systems, which was focused on manufacturing and supplying laser printers. While at Bezier, Brian designed the first SCSI based printer, which was his motivation for the company.

On top of all his experience in the finance and professional management industries, Brian is very active in community productive projects, such as Lions Club and the Boys and Girls Club. In the years to come.

Learn more about Brian Bonar:–inc./salary/470203