George Soros; The Pride of Investment Banking

George Soros is one of the most successful financiers. His views on investments plans as well as economic issues are widely applicable in our modern business world. George was born in Budapest, 1930.

George Soros is also an astounding author. George Soros has written fourteen books. His books expound more on investments and business. They also share his views on politics, economics, philanthropy and open societies.

In his fascinating book, The New Paradigm for Financial Markets, George Soros argues that the standard economic assumption that demand and supply determine prices; is the basis for understanding financial markets.

In the midst of the most severe financial crisis, George Soros seeks to explore the origins of the economic upheavals and the effects they might result to shortly on Soros has a great experience when it comes to handling capital markets.

He says that the current market crisis is as a result of how individuals handle the boom and bust cycles. These cycles are supposed to dominate the world’s economic activity. According to Soros d the current market troubles are the worst that has been experienced since the1930s.
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George Soros is a major a major proponent of globalization. He goes on to question many institutions that have failed to keep up with our global economy. China, for instance, is an example of such. The country’s devaluation is becoming a major global problem.

George Soros argues that economics is a form of morals. Our societies and economies cannot function without a distinct system of ethics. That means the society has to understand what is wrong or right for our current economy.

As we look toward the future some of the questions that arise are; why are our jobs disappearing? Why is our economy deteriorating? Individuals and economists can’t stop to wonder if the power of our economy will take a positive direction and bring about the desired changes.

However, George Soros offers a new paradigm for the theory of reflexivity which underlies his unique investment strategies. It is filled with expert advice and valuable business lessons. It aids to bring the institutions and the economy back into fixed positions.

George is committed to the idea of an open society. He is a great ally of human rights and a responsible system of administration. He founded the Open Society Foundations. These foundations have been of great aid.

For instance, they support lawyers to represent thousands of individuals unlawfully imprisoned without any legal representations. The Foundations have also provided school and university fees for thousands of promising students. The students include young refugees from conflicts in Roma and youth from other marginalized groups.

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George Soros is the best fund manager in history. He is an original thinker. Soros makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the great economic crisis. He also exposes us to the implications the crisis brings into our nation and the world.

Securus Launches Video Visitation App

All of us who have ever had a loved one incarcerated in a jail or prison can attest to the many difficulties communicating with your loved ones can be. With the rigid schedules most institutions adhere to and logistical problems of trying to get to the institution for visits can be challenging. Beyond that, many times a phone call just doesn’t feel like its enough.
Sharing those special moments in life like children’s birthdays, holidays, anniversary or even sporting events can make your incarcerated loved ones feel more involved with their families lives and raise their spirits. Watch
With that in mind Securus Technologies recently launched their Securus Video Visitation App for Android and Apple devices. The app which launched for Android in February and according to PR Newswire has already been downloaded more 60,000 times. The Apple device version has been downloaded nearly 5000 times.

Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies is quoted saying “Securus’ Video Visit mobile app represents another way we Serve and Connect, connecting family and friends with an easier, more convenient way to visit their incarcerated loved ones. Until recently, family and friends who wanted to connect with their loved ones had no choice in how they participated in phone calls or visits, so we made the investment necessary to bring more options to the visitation process. Our Securus Video Visit app brings the mobility consumers are familiar with to the rigidness of jails and prisons – making inmate phone calls and visitation more convenient for everyone involved.”

Securus America Technologies is a Dallas, Texas based company that provide services to over 3400 law enforcement, correctional and public safety facilities in North America. The company provides services such as  information management, inmate self-service, and monitoring products.

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Why Olympic Valley Incorporation Could Have Been A Disaster

RGFor Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities, the past few years have presented some challenges. For a start, an epic drought heavily impacted the winter resorts and the other businesses that had come to depend on them. However, natural challenges were just a tip of the iceberg in the challenges they were facing.

The communities faced a political challenge. This was in the form of an incorporation battle that involved Olympic Valley, a picturesque area that is home to some of the most iconic winter sports terrain in all North America, including Squaw Valley Resort. However, there seems to be a relief on both challenges. This is welcome news to Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

According to Mr. Wirth, the past four years had been quite hard for the resort. Natural help from Mother Nature came in the form of early storms. These, combined with cold temperatures, ensured that the resorts in the area opened weeks earlier than usual, as had been for the past decade.

On the political front, those backing the incorporation effect ended up withdrawing from the efforts. This, according to Andy Wirth, would have presented a threat to the businesses in the area as well as the civic climate of the region. This is the reason that saw his resort spend hundreds of thousands in opposition to the efforts to incorporate the valley.

Wirth was of the view that the olympic valley incorporation would have resulted in higher taxes for the businesses and residents of the valley. He also believed that there would be a decline in the level of services that are crucial to the people such as snow plowing and road maintenance. He added that Olympic Valley would have been completely isolated from other north shore communities whose development is from pooling together resources to tackle regional issues.

Andy Wirth stated that the incorporation was a recipe for fiscal disaster. He also termed it as a long-term threat to the operations of all businesses in the area. However, those backing the incorporation efforts tend to believe that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings opposed the incorporation with self-involved motives. The company has plans for the residential and commercial developments in the area, among them being a gondola that would be a connection between Alpine Meadows ski areas and Squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth is a respected man in his community. He has proven his worth by providing leadership to both his company and the surrounding communities. The successful entrepreneur is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. His persistent efforts have seen the company grow to become a top tourist destination globally.

Wirth is actively involved in contributing to community and environmental organizations in the Lake Tahoe region. His main aim in all this is seeing the prosperity of the area of people from all walks of life and all ages.

The original Reno-Gazette Journal article can be found here.

Sporting Goods Stores Sink as Fabletics Rises

Athleisure clothing, clothing constructed for athletic use but worn for comfort and style, has made it into the closets of men and women everywhere. People are attracted to the comfort of athleisure clothing, and many people feel motivated to stick to their exercise routines by embracing athleisure fashion. However, while men and women are pleased with their new fashion sense, some businesses are starting to see a downside to the trend.
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Big box sporting goods retailers used to be the ideal place to purchase athleisure clothing. However, once fashion designers started catering to the athleisure market, it made more sense for consumers to purchase their athleisure outfits from fashion specialists. If people really wanted clothing for actual exercise, they would purchase something inexpensive from a department store. If they wanted a great athleisure outfit, they would turn to a specific athleisure retailer.

One of these companies is Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that will mail an athleisure outfit to your home once a month. When you sign up for the service, you simply answer a few questions about yourself and your style.

While big box sporting goods stores grumble about the challenges athleisure fashion creates for their business model, you can find comfort and style in athleisure clothing thanks to a company like Fabletics.

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Women’s Publication Reviews Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

One of the more difficult parts of keeping oneself looking as good as possible is developing a hair care routine that makes sense. Hair is inherently dynamic. It can be cut, dyed, grown out or even have its texture changed with heat and chemicals. If there were an owner’s manual for hair one of the longest chapters would concern the shampooing, conditioning and moisturizing. It can be frustrating to spend time researching reviews for new shampoos and moisturizers, shopping around town to see if they are in stock only to learn that they fail to do the trick.
Popular hair care brand WEN By Chaz offers products like WEN Cleansing Conditioner that speak to a wide variety of consumers’ hair care needs. While many hair care lines offer 2-in-1 products or 3-in-1 products, the WEN Cleansing Conditioner is actually a 5-in-1 product. According to the WEN Cleansing Conditioner is able to do the job of several products that are essential to having a healthy head of hair. The WEN Cleansing Conditioner can replace a consumer’s deep conditioner, shampoo, leave-in conditioner, conditioner and act as an effective detangler based on a Guthy-Renker product review.

In an article for, Emily McClure reviewed WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. McClure noted that upon initially using WEN Cleansing Conditioner it made her hair feel much more full than usual. She also noted that she noticed that she experienced no shedding while using WEN Cleansing Conditioner. McClure concluded that WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner was a great choice for consumers with fine hair whose hair care routine involves showering and styling every morning. Related Link:


The legal profession has reported several positive news around the world, and some of them are highlighted below.

Ross Abelow is one of the best lawyers in New York who specializes in matrimonial, family and law for entertainment and athletes. He assists people in drawing up living wills in cases of sudden terminal illness. The attorney is also versed in contract law and he can be able to identify loopholes in contractual documents.

Professional conduct

Professional ethics is one highly regarded aspect in the legal profession. All attorneys are guided by a set of rules on how to conduct themselves as they deliver their services to their clients.

Competent lawyers

Ross Abelow is one competent lawyer with a practicing license and is admitted to the bar. He is therefore competent for all the said areas.

In the same way, lawyers are specialized in a particular area of practice. Therefore, when looking or a lawyer to assist you in say criminal matters, ensure that you look for a lawyer versed in the criminal trial procedures and one who can help you win your case. When you have a legal issue, analyze it and decide on which kind of lawyer you need. Ensure that the lawyer has specialized in this field before hiring them. The good news is that you can check up the lawyers and their areas of specialization online and get the right lawyer for your case.

Conflicts of interest
Most lawyers know that conflict of interest is the worst kind of mistake that they can do in their line of work. They, therefore, avoid any issues concerning conflict of interest and recommend another attorney to do the job. Lawyers like Ross Abelow know best about conflict of interest, when to identify it and how to deal with it professionally.

Establishing a law firm has now become an easy process in most states, unlike in the past when putting up a company was a nightmare. Currently, one needs to have practiced for a short time so as to set up a law firm and conduct their private business and enables attorneys not to be tied up working for the public sector, and they can now start up their own businesses.

Pro bono cases have been increasingly reported and this helps many people who have legal problems but cannot afford attorney fees. They get lawyers who can take up their cases for free. Most law societies ensure that the attorneys give back to the community.