4 Ways You Can Invest in Gold

When you invest in gold you are protecting yourself from things such as inflation and global uncertainty. It is also the perfect way to diversify your portfolio. If you are interested in investing in gold, here are 4 ways you can do just that.

#1 – Gold Bullion

When buying gold bullion, your number one objective is to stay away from big premiums. At most you want to buy it at a 10% premium. Anything higher than that should be a no go. The higher the premium, the higher the price of gold must increase if you are going to make a profit in the US Money Reserve according to a report from Ispot.tv.

#2 – Gold ETF’s

Gold ETF’s stands for gold exchange-traded funds. This is a great option for those who would prefer not to store physical metal.

#3 – Gold ETN’s

Gold ETN’s is another great option for those who wish to invest in gold. Gold ETN’s, which stands for Gold exchange-traded notes, is a bit more risky than other options. With Gold ETN’s you will allow the bank to hold on to a certain amount of money for a certain period of time.

Upon maturity the bank will pay you based on performance. When you invest in gold ETN’s you are basically playing the futures market without the contracts. And while ETN’s are flexible, they provide you with no protection. This means there is a possibility you will lose all of your money.

#4 – Gold Miner Stocks

Gold miner stocks are without a doubt the riskiest way to invest in gold. When investing in gold miner stocks, look for companies that have a strong production and reserve growth. Doing so can serve as a bit of protection.

About U.S. Money Reserve

If you are looking to invest in gold you need to do so with a company that has a proven track record and is trusted by many. U.S. Money Reserve (CBS19 has more on this) has been in business for over a decade and is considered the most trusted source of precious metals in America. And with over 300,000 satisfied clients, they certainly have a proven track record.

To learn more about U.S. Money Reserve visit their website and request a free gold information kit.

FreedomPop Entering New Markets with Its Unique Concept

In a recent video interview conducted by Mobile World Live, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, the president of FreedomPop International, elaborated on the progress his company has experienced in its entry into the cell phone service markets in the United Kingdom and Europe. FreedomPop was originally started in California; the company began offering free data, text and voice services in the United States of America. The company has benefited from more than $100 million in early stage financing and investments from Intel and others who saw the immense possibilities of this company. FreedomPop was originally founded by CEO Stephen Stokols and Stevan Sesar in Los Angeles.

The company will be using the established wireless service of a provider in the United Kingdom, and has plans to take this revolutionary concept into Central America and South America as well as into the Asian markets.

FreedomPop is doing to cell phone service what Skype did to long distance service. It is a revolution in the communication field and many subscribers are switching over to FreedomPop for voice, text, data and even roaming Internet service.

Communication and information services, as well as the vital information, itself, are exploding in growth around the globe. It is, certainly, an exciting time to be alive. Companies like FreedomPop that combine essential services with revolutionary concepts should advance the art of communication and information to new, higher levels around the globe. When societies have widespread communication opportunities and unbiased information available at a touch of a button, it is possible for a revolution where misinformation and outright lies stand no chance of remaining viable. Where the common people can see the true problems with their place in society and by study and reason overcome much of the false dogma and propaganda which has been a part of society for millennia.

Read up on this FreedomPop review

Beneful Dog Food Offers Nutrition And Great Taste

Nestle Purina Store PetCare Company has been serving premium-grade Beneful dog food to the canine community since 2001. Dogs enjoy and need real food in their diet instead of fillers like other dog food brands. Healthy food like what Beneful provides encourages healthier, happier pets with a better quality of life.
Incredibites wet dog food is available on Walmart (http://wm6.walmart.com/purina-beneful.aspx#slide1) in three ounce cans. Chopped into smaller bites for smaller dogs, this delectable selection offers three flavors of real beef, chicken or salmon combined with tomatoes, carrots and wild rice.

Also available in three ounce cans is Tuscan Style Medley. This delicious entree includes beef, carrots, rice and spinach in a creamy sauce. Another favorite is Romano Style Medley. This tasty meal has chicken, carrots, spinach and pasta in a savory sauce.

Beneful wet dog food tastes as good as it looks. The use of real meat gives it an aroma that dogs find irresistible. Although canines are color blind, food coloring approved by the FDA is used to make entrees more appealing to their owners on behalf of their beloved pets.

Beneful products meet the nutritional levels set by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) for Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. This ensures that pet food meets the guidelines for healthy puppy growth and adult dog maintenance. Products that meet these standards are deemed to be complete and balanced for long-term use. All Beneful.com products meets this criteria.

Gold is an Enduring Investment

The stock market is more unstable than ever before, and many retirement funds are not worth the paper they are written on when it comes to cashing in to retire.

Smart investors are adding precious metals to their portfolios as a hedge against inflation and the instability of the new global market.
One company that has been serving their clients with the best value for the money is US Money Reserve.

US Money Reserve is Led by a former United States Mint Director, Philip N. Diehl. Bringing his expertise to a private company that works hard to bring customers the best US Legal Tender Coins as well as rare coins any collector would cherish.

US Money Reserve’s website, https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/WhyBuyGold/OurCompany.aspx, gives consumers important information that today’s investor needs to know about buying gold, including facts about opening a self-directed IRA with gold and silver.

You can even move an existing IRA into precious metals to ensure that hasty or inept investments made by those handling your funds won’t leave you broke.

They employ only the highest qualified financial managers and coin experts,, as well as a Compliance and Standards Department to oversee your purchases and to answer all of your questions, while leaving you to make the best decision for your investment needs.

While some companies may advertise deals that are too good to be true, US Money Reserve earns the privilege of their client’s trust by only offering the best quality products, directly and with no gimmicks.

To read testimonials from just some of US Money Reserve’s over 3,000 customers, customers, please visit http://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve.

Why wait for the next market crash, when you can invest safely in gold, a product that has endured and kept it’s value for the ages? Trust your purchase to the experts on US Coins at US Money Reserve.

Slyce, Leader Of The Pack When It Comes To A Visual Search Engine Company

Everyone knows that the World Wide Web has come a long way since it was invented. While the World Wide Web grew into the internet, other things have been going through the process of evolution too. One of the things is the common aspects of the search engine. Today there is even what is known as a visual search engine. For anyone who doesn’t know, a visual search engine is designed to search information with the use of images and more. To give an easy to understand example, lets say you want to find a photo of something. Maybe you want to use a photo in your blog or maybe you want to buy the item in the photo or even another reason. The visual search engine allows us to search images.

There are several companies who are on top of their game and one the is leading the field is a company called Slyce. Slyce has become the ‘goto’ visual search solution because it is a complete solution. Slyce offers the ability to empower the customers to search for and activate everything a customer could see or touch. When you are a retailer or an electronic retailer, image recognition technology is very helpful in the sales and service process. For example, let’s say you see a set of shoes that you like and want to purchase. You can take a photo of them and search for them online and make your purchase. Do you see how easy the use of a visual search engine made that purchase?

Slyce is a company who is making the most of their leadership team to create and shape the future of the internet and commerce. They are also making the bar higher for the standards of customer service.

Slyce is using the best technology to create an enjoyable search experience for anyone who needs to harness the power of the internet. Slyce is able to offer image recognition technology for both mobile and desktop users. Regardless of if you use an existing product image or if you snap a photo and use that in your search, the technology is making it easier to use an readily available by Slyce.

A New Option From Talk Fusion

PR Newswire recently released an announcement from the video communication, Talk Fusion. The announcement stated that the company will be launching its 30 day free trial program. The free trial is available in 9 different languages and will be available in more than 140 countries around the world. This will enable potential customers to experience all of the tools that Talk Fusion offers without having to risk any capital. The article explained that the company decided to create this program because they understood that potential customers were frustrated. They were excited about the potential of the tools that Talk Fusion was offering but they were not sure if it would work for them in their personal life or at their business. Talk Fusion realized that they best way to show individuals and businesses that this could be an effective marketing or sharing tool for them to use was to let them try it out for themselves first hand. Another advantage to doing this, as Talk Fusion’s corporate team explained, is that the tools are so useful and have many different features, that they can be difficult to explain in writing or even face to face.

Reina is from Florida and was previously a policeman. Reina loved what he did but he also wanted to make additional money. He decided to go into direct selling. Reina tried out several different direct selling businesses and was able to create an impressive income from them. Bob Reina really started to enjoy business and, when he had the idea for Talk Fusion, he realized that this might be his chance to really dive into the world of business. Reina chose to make Talk Fusion a little more unique than just offering video marketing tools. Reina thought it could provide many great opportunities for a multitude of people if he decided to use the direct selling marketing model.

Use Of Visual Search Technology To Boost Business

Slyce Inc. is one of the top product search platforms. It announced it official launch of the visual search technology with Shoe Carnival which was one of the leading US retailers in footwear and accessories. This fusion will be of significant value to Shoe Carnival as it will enable mobile visitors the opportunity to log into ShoeCarnival.com to take a photo of the footwear. Usually these photos could be in other magazines or in the real world. After taking the pictures, you can opt to purchase the shoes.

The vice president of Shoe Carnival, Kent Zimmerman admitted to the excitement for launching a mobile visual search functionality, particularly with Slyce. The company is planning on being ahead of all their competitors as well as meeting their customers’ needs and making it easier for them to access the products. Although Shoe Carnival is in Evansville, IN, it remains the largest retailers in US footwear with about 400 stores in 34 different countries and Puerto Rico too.

Mark Elfenbein, CEO of Slyce was impressed at the fusion of the two companies because it is one of their first large-scale visual search deployment in the marketplace that is entirely automated. With just a single photo with no additional info and a quick response gap, it is incredible useful to all users. In this arrangement, Slyce will get revenue from a monthly recurring software contract that includes licensing and service fees depending on the pricing model available during the term of the contract.

Slyce Inc. is a Toronto, ON based company that deals with visual search technology for desktop and mobile users. This software is vital when trying to enhance the sales of your products when dealing with both retailers, and customers too. This program enables customers to conveniently connect with retailers simply by taking snap shots of the desired item and letting their devices do the instant product recognition. Slyce Inc. offers its technology not only as a suite of mobile applications for the consumer but also as a white-label platform for visual search.
The technology used by this firm is preferred by large retail brands including Tilly’s, JCPenney, Home Depot as well as Neiman Marcus. There are several model features and revenue streams that have arisen from the consumer apps as well as the platform it uses.