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In an article by Emily Mcclure at Bussle she summarizes her experience with Wen hair by Chaz Dean Wen is a unique hair care product that focuses on cleansing beneath the surface without having to suds up. That’s right, there is no lathering yet, it’s great for any hair type and in the case of this article, it is fine hair that it was put to the test with.

The Wen Results

WEN Hair product proved to be more than useful for fine hair. She was able to keep it in check for at least 24 hours while she went about her workaday. She works in a hair salon so this opinion says a lot for the product. She did say; however, that the instructions were detailed for the length of hair but that you didn’t have to use the exact amount recommended. As a professional stylist, she eluded to using your instincts to get the right amount.

She recommended that the product be used everyday with fine hair. She also agreed that it pairs well with styling product. She was surprised that it had stood up to the amount of styling product she normally uses in a day simply because her hair is fine.




How Devco has turned around the Fortunes of the Heldrich Hotel

Many cities have landmarks, whether natural or man-made. Atlantic City boasts one of the best hotels in the country, the Heldrich Hotel in New Brunswick. The five star facility was re-developed by New Jersey based development company, Devco. Prior to that, it had been a run-down facility whose revenue was way less than the cost of constructing it.

The original hotel was constructed in 2005 using a loan granted by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. The hotel was opened in 2007 amid so much fanfare with the Senate president Stephen Sweeny referring to it as an archetype of good utilization of public funds for large-scale construction.

The hotel however turned out to be a loss making venture. Devco saw this as an opportunity and have turned it around into a one-stop revolutionary facility in Atlantic City. Currently, it boasts of 235 unionized workers. It also pays taxes amounting to 1.2 million dollars. The facility also attracted 100,000 visitors in 2015. It has been turned from something scrappy into an epitome of business success. The article was originally posted on the Press of Atlantic City and can be accessed via this link: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/unpaid-million-crda-loan-raises-questions-about-new-brunswick-devco/article_a03318e2-dcdb-11e5-a563-67611bc7b7bc.html

Important Notes about Devco

This is an urban real estate development company established in the 1970’s to transform cities by introducing restoration projects. Since its formation, the company has managed to oversee projects amounting to 1.6 billion dollars. Its current development portfolio boasts 2.5 million square feet of redevelopment projects, which is worth 450 million dollars.

The company is under the able leadership of Christopher Paladino, who has steered it into an era of unassailable success. It is currently developing the Rockoff Hall University Apartments together with many other projects.


Keeping Reputations Red Carpet Worthy

A person has a reputation. A business has a reputation. Internet sites, like Wikipedia are open sourced and count on the good faith of people to only put factual information on their sites. But is that really in the best interest for yourself or your business? At Get Your Wiki, from the time their Wiki experts for hire create your wiki page your reputation is always monitored. People are often working hard, and do not deserve to have their image defaced after they have taken the time to make a Wiki page. A good truthful public site along with the employment of a Wikipedia editing service is a great way to build business on the internet. 

While Leonardo DiCaprio was giving his acceptance speech at the 2016 Oscars, a deliriously happy fan took it upon themselves to write swear words all over the new Oscar winner’s Wikipedia page. This is a man that has his own press people, and still his page was defaced. Leonardo gave an uplifting, environmentally, heartily felt acceptance speech. The updated curse filled wiki page did not match his debonair image.

And if it could happen to Leonardo DiCaprio, could it happen to you? Most definitely. Imagine working many hours just find that your company was losing business by not having time to watch over your online image, or worse, your business’s image. Most distressing is that you would never know how much business you potentially lost, because the internet’s reach is so wide. Anyone that was looking for your services may have opted out because of a bad Wikipedia entry. 

Who would deface a page? Maybe someone is just looking for an easy way to get out of paying a bill. Maybe it is your competition trying to garner business for themselves. Could even just be a middle school student that thinks they are funny on the internet. Something to the effect of this day and ages version of prank calling a business. Don’t let it happen to you.

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QNET Encourages and Enhances Women Entrepreneurship

Today, women are increasingly entering into the business world to earn that extra dollar while still balancing a healthy home life. They have realized the importance of operating their own business ventures. This allows them to manage their time well. Direct selling is a key industry that allows women to become empowered visionaries. It is also low risk and easy to get started.

QNET Supporting Women Entrepreneurship

QNET is one of the most prestigious and successful direct selling company in the Asian market. The company celebrates International Women’s Day by developing programs that assist and nurture women to become entrepreneurs. This allows them to help change their communities for the better, improve their own lives and achieve their dreams. Learn more about the company’s employees satisfaction on Glassdoor.

The company has always supported budding women entrepreneurs. It believes in sustaining and supporting women’s rights and gender equality. With statistics pointing out that about 74.4 percent of the total direct selling workforce is women, the company has set out to nurture more women in the industry.

It encourages women from all walks of life to join their sales team. They are trained as direct sellers. QNET also allows women to work around their own schedules and earn a good income that can sustain their families. It offers flexible hours, making it one of the most suitable women employer within the direct selling industry.

Get to know #QNET concept of Absolute Living: http://www.qbuzz.qnet.net/blog/2016/03/02/qnet-concept-absolute-living/#AbsoluteLiving

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USAID Statement on the Importance of Women Leadership

The leading American agency, that supports many global developmental projects especially in third world countries, has shown its support for women leadership. In one of its statements, the agency stressed the importance of supporting the development of women leadership. Such leadership allows societies to thrive and develop. For this to happen, women must be given access to quality education, technology and healthcare.

About QNET

QNET, established in 1998, is a direct selling company headquartered in Hong Kong. It offers a variety of products that help people enhance their lives. It operates mainly as an e-commerce company with distribution networks established in over 100 countries. It runs an impressive operating network of about 25 offices globally with over 50 stockists. In addition, it has localized franchises in some countries.

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The company sponsors many sporting events including badminton and football. It recently chose Martina Hingis as its brand ambassador. It also signed on to be the direct selling partner for Manchester City Football Club for three years.

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