Geoffrey Cone Making New Zealand’s Transparency Very Clear

Geoffrey Cone is a prestigious tax law lawyer who has years of experience in the field, which prompted him to come out to defend New Zealand against these new accusations attempting to say that the country is a tax haven for people attempting to evade taxes. New Zealand has always been a stand-up country and one that is not usually placed under such scrutiny for good reason. According to Cone, New Zealand has never been in trouble because it has always played by the rules.

Geoffrey Cone might be considered a treasure to some people, especially those dealing with international tax law. Many people have sought Cone’s help in many manners because he is simply one of the most known experts in tax law. Cone graduated with honors from the University of Otago. It was there where he learned everything there was to know about taxes and trust law. Cone’s expertise has led him to work with some of the most trusted names in tax or trust law. This means that his expertise has only gotten stronger and more informed over the years.

Perhaps it is his expertise that made him come out to defend New Zealand. One thing that Cone has benefited from regarding his country is that their laws are transparent and clear. One of the key aspects of a tax haven is that the country has very secretive laws regarding banking institutions. New Zealand, on the other hand, has one of the most transparent policies. It could grant access to governments provided the government provides sufficient evidence regarding a request to disclose financial information.

Cone is also aware of the OECD lists. These lists are compiled after careful examination of countries and each country’s transparency or lack of it. The OECD has never placed New Zealand on their tax haven list, meaning that they are not to be considered a tax haven. Not only that, it seems that New Zealand did make the white list. This list is conserved for some of the most transparent countries in the world. Cone explains that this makes New Zealand the exact opposite of what people might be looking for if they want to avoid taxes. It is clear that whomever is making accusations against New Zealand is wrong, according to an expert in tax law. It just goes to show that no one should judge the book by its cover.

Richard Blair Advises Clients that Want to Build Wealth

Some people think that the quickest way to wealth is the stock market. Others may assume that you have to find some type of get rich quick scheme to obtain wealthy status. The reality is that the road to wealth is based much more on getting help from someone that has capable of giving quality advice.

According to Crunchbase, this is where Richard Blair Wealth Solutions enters the picture. He is someone that has become known for providing quality advice, and Wealth Solutions is the company that is has built to help clients make better investing decisions.

There are a lot of people that have the ability to obtain wealth, but many people just do not have the right direction. There are a lot of different things on the market today that can make a different in whether you obtain wealth or lose money. What Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has managed to do is give clients access to all types of information about portfolio building.

People that come under the guidance of Richard Blair and his team of consultants will get to build portfolios that have things like mutual funds, stocks and money market options. There are an assortment of things that people may have never considered that Richard Blair may be able to introduce customers to.

The reality is that most people that are trying to build wealth only know that they need to invest. Most of them do not know what they actually need to invest in. Saving money without putting it in a place where it can bring in a return on investment is futile.

It will never be enough to retire if there are no investments being made. Richard Blair is an authority on this type of retirement planning. He has the ability to help customers because he has a lot of experience.

Richard Blair has been in the business of helping clients build portfolios for 2 decades. He also has experience with United Global Securities. All of this experience has given him the ability to show clients a path to wealth.

There are some people that will try to do this on their own, but many people will find that successful investing is not as easy as it looks. Richard Blair helps people prepare for the long term. He knows how to create portfolios that are diverse. This is what his company places an emphasis on when it comes to building wealth.

Susan McGalla, Teaching Women how to Be Successful in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla, one of the most successful business women, knows what it takes to climb the corporate ladder and maintaining that position. In order to get pleasing results in life; hard work, passion, and confidence, along with versatility and inevitable traits are required. Noting that life is not easy or served on a silver platter, it is up to the individual to tap into their potential and powerful traits, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary on McGalla believes that she was endowed with greatness, and only she could unlock the chest that carried the priceless commodity.

Susan McGalla, Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, based out of Pittsburgh, has extensive expertise in the retail and clothing sectors, attracting notable personalities within the finance sector. Those notable persons come to McGalla needing insight in matters dealing with marketing, talent management, product merchandising, branding, along with others. McGalla’s career started at Joseph Horne Company, staying there nearly a decade, from 1986 to 1994. Susan McGalla later joined American Eagle Outfitters, where standing behind her principles on work ethic, she earned the role of Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer over the entire company. After leaving American Eagle Outfitters on her own terms, she became a private consultant for the financial investment and retail industries, then leaving that position to become CEO of Wet Seal. Eventually leaving that position, as well, to become a consulting expert.

Susan McGalla is constantly making herself known in a business sector that was once a no-go zone for women because men, being in the majority, populated it. Being an excellent role model for all women, McGalla is willing and ready to help other women get to the top of their careers as well. Exhibiting innate skills that are necessary factors in the management positions that is held, McGalla believes a good number of women are in the dark on the measures that can be taken to climb the ladder to success on Post Gazette. McGalla’s advice to women is to break the glass ceiling on the career path that is chosen, never carry a chip on your shoulder, and not feel entitled as a woman or what prejudices surround being a woman. With the advice Susan McGalla shares with women, she is hoping that more women take the same approach in their careers going forward.

People Post Positive Reviews

Running and operating a business in today’s economy presents a number of different challenges that were not really part of doing business in the past. One of the biggest components of a successful company these days is its overall marketing and branding. Much of that marketing and branding is, or at least should be, online in a variety of different forums like websites, blogs, and social media platforms.
However, beginning and properly maintain an online presence and reputation is can be just as difficult as the day to day operations of the business itself. Many owners and operators of businesses both big and small find the task of managing to be so overwhelming that they give up on doing it at all. The problem with this though, is that it means that the consumers that may have been their customers through an online search will actually end up choosing a different company for that product or service. That is why anyone that is charged with growing and maintaining the customer base of a business should not only be mindful of their current reputation, but also make serious efforts to grow that reputation in a positive way.

One of the most effective way that this can be done is through reviews of both past and present customers. People love to share their opinions, which is part of the reason that social media platforms have been so successful. Therefore, you should encourage your customers to share their positive opinions of your company on your business’ social media pages like Facebook or yellow pages. You can also encourage people to check in to your business when they are there by offering them something for free or a discount off of their bill. You should also encourage people to take positive pictures of your business or product. For example, if you own a café and make a beautiful espresso, encourage your customers to take and share a picture of their morning coffee on a platform like Instagram and have them tag you in it so you can thank them publicly for even more attention.


How Mike Baur Is Fueling Startups Through The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a strong background in banking having worked in the Swiss banking sector for at least 15 years. He is the brain behind the formation of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is working to support startup entrepreneurs.


The Swiss Startup Factory is managed by professionals with a long experience record and the ability to spot opportunities. They have all the tools necessary to help in the analysis and preparation of data that can be useful to young entrepreneurs to help them to make prudent decisions.


The Pre-Accelerator program

The Swiss Startup Factory pre-accelerator program is aimed at spotting extraordinary talent in Switzerland and offers further support to the talented individuals through partnerships with leading academic institutions in the country.


Their partnership offers their entrants a closer look into the high-quality services they offer and helps to impart vital skills to the aspiring entrepreneurs. The program includes bits in product development, market research and accounting and marketing support. They also offer coaching on several areas of business that can affect the performance of their ideas.


Growth acceleration

Through the Swiss Startup Factory growth acceleration program, aspiring entrepreneurs are able to access financial assistance that is necessary to help them implement their ideas. The Swiss Startup Factory ensures after the three months incubation those who lack the capital are connected to entrepreneurs willing to invest in their ideas and financial institutions that can offer them financial support to launch their businesses.


This stage also offers business development tips and management guidelines that every entrepreneur should understand. There is also an IT team that offers the requisite IT support to help the startups proceed seamlessly.


The Members’ Association

Members of the Swiss Startup Factory can also join the Association of the company, which offers exclusive rights and access. Members of the program are able to take part in the Swiss Startup events and can access the innovation pool. The association also offers an exclusive network that connects entrepreneurs and other professionals in different industries.


About Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur is a serial entrepreneur with passion in supporting young entrepreneurs to become successful investors. At his teenage, he showed massive love for Banking and Finance, a passion that inspired him to pursue the subjects later in university. He worked as a banker in the Swiss private banking industry for almost 20 years and in 2014, he formed the Swiss Startup Factory.



Lime Crime A New Voice For Beauty

Russian-born Doe Deere founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics has grown up to be a successful entrepreneur. Raised in New York City, Doe Deere became inspired at a young age to make her dreams a reality. The mission of making cosmetics more appealing to its consumers was her bottom line. All cosmetic lines promise the same thing and never deliver. Doe Deere wanted to be a game changer. Lime Crime Cosmetics offers cruelty-free cosmetics that gives its users a true freedom of expression.

Doe Deere is a firm believer in women-owned businesses and entrepreneurship. Women should speak up and feel open to say what’s on their minds. Doe Deere has spoken at PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. Doe has always opened her arms and mind to female entrepreneurs that are in need of mentoring and guidance.

Doe opened an eBay account in 2004′ for her new DIY fashion line. She modeled for her cosmetic brand and four years later decided to focus on hard to get colors. And that was the birth of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Bright and unusual colors were not in the mainstream, but there was a demand for it.

When Doe starts her day, it typically involves meeting with the Creative Director to go over strategies and then meetings with other executive level employees. By keeping everyone up to date on the current projects, Lime Crime Cosmetics can continue doing what it does best. Producing amazing products that connect with the customer’s needs.

Lime Crime Cosmetics focuses a lot of its efforts on e-commerce. Online shopping has taken over the brick and mortar business model. And customers can buy what they want without ever having to wait in traffic. Doe Deere has worked many jobs before, but her entrepreneur spirit has always led her back to business. It’s in her blood. Doe knows that her employees, vendors, and business partners play a critical role in the development of her company.

Doe has always had a big heart. She regularly donates to Bide-A-Wee. A shelter in New York. Any company that is run by a kind-hearted person holds those same values in the products they sell. The “Queen of Unicorns” has always shared her passion through her amazing product line. Giving the industry what it needs is what Doe does best. Expressing yourself should never be influenced by what mainstream media defines as beauty or expression. Be the beautiful, courageous woman that you are and let Lime Crime show you how to do it in style.

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JustFab Is Getting Bigger Every Day

JustFab has been reported on in the LA Times as expanding what seems like every day. It is a company that is giving women fashion in a new way, and it is a great company that women should try if they want to shop differently. They send out all their items in a box that they picked out for the customers based on what they like, and now they are so big that they might even need an IPO.

The company has hired people to make sure that they can get the IPO done right, but they will not actually say that they are going to actually have one yet. They just want to keep expanding what women are going to get in their boxes.

The boxes are these sets of items that the woman gets in the mail, and she can put that on right there to make sure that she loves it. She can get everything from an outfit to her shoes and accessories, and she is going to be able to get something new every month.

According to Internet Retailer and WWD, he company is also looking at how it will be able to give women more options. They want to put more things into every box, and they also want to be sure that they can give women a can to look great once they get everything out of the box and walk out of the house. JustFab is the kind of company that dresses a woman right there on the spot.

Everyone who signs up for a JustFab account will be able to get something nice in the mail. They get help from a company that loves fashion, and they can see their commercials on TV. JustFab is everywhere because they want to be all things to women who love fashion.

George Soros Thinks Now is The Time to Talk to US Money Reserve

According to Glassdoor, The US Money Reserve is one of the world’s biggest distributors of US-issued gold, silver, and platinum. Angela Koch is the current CEO of this organization. The Huffington Post has given her contributor profile. The Huffington Post is a leader in online media. It is quite an honor for one to become a contributor to the site.

Her Role

Angela Koch is in charge of all operational aspects of the company. She is responsible for establishing the pace and culture of this organization, which was set up in 2001.

Her job is to create opportunities and value for others. She has intrinsic knowledge of merger, acquisitions, planning, due diligence, and operations. She will share her extensive experience with the monthly 79 million unique visitors to the site. Her first post for the site talked about how the political conventions were a win for women.

What is the Huffington Post?

A groundbreaking media outlet is based solely online. It was the first of its kind to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize. The organization covers stories from all over the world. In addition, it has hundreds of people that make noteworthy contributions to the organization. Each month, it gets 79 million unique visitors.

The U.S. Money Reserve

It is a leading private distributor of precious metals. The organization is responsible for the distribution of U.S. Money Reserve and foreign government precious metals as legal tender. As of now, it currently serves hundreds of thousands of clients across the country. It mostly deals with silver and gold legal tender issued coins.

George Soros’ Thoughts on Buying Precious Metals

He thinks that now would be an excellent time to buy gold. Soros is a renowned investor, who has made billions through currency speculation. According to him, the conditions are perfect for investing in gold. One reason for this, is the growing power of the BRICS nations. As these countries continue to grow, their economies will develop a bigger appetite for gold.

According to Soros, he sees the current economic times as similar to the 2008 crisis. As a result, he advises people to stock up on gold. Gold is always an investment of safety for most people. Unlike the money markets, its value is predictable in tough times.


George Soros has made his fortune through accurate predictions. Anything he says would be worth noting. Even the president of U.S. Money Reserve agrees with him.

The Whistleblower Protection Laws that were enacted by the U.S Congress.

The Wall Street Reforms of Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Protection Law were passed by the United States’ Congress in 2010. These two laws caused noteworthy changes in the financial industry, which includes the formation of the program that offers protection to the whistleblowers of the SEC. The legislations were also the first to cause significant transformations after the Great Depression. The whistleblower protection program covers the informant by offering them job assurance and money in exchange of information about any corporation that does not follow the laws that are set by the Securities and Exchange Commissions.

Many law firms have formed special units that practice whistleblower representation law, while others have been newly created with a primary focus on representing the informants. The Labaton Sucharow is a renowned firm that is in the SEC whistleblower representation sector. The company focuses on being a front runner in the industry by offering high-quality services to the whistleblowers. It has established unparalleled structures that are used in creating the cases, and they include a whistleblower representation practice that manages a highly skilled crew of internal investigators, financial examiners, and forensic auditors who have the best knowledge of executing state and federal laws. The firm is the most reliable place of acquiring a SEC whistleblower attorney since they are all dedicated to fighting for the rights of the informants.

Mr. Jordan A. Thomas is the controller of the business of the Labaton Sucharow law company. He formerly held senior positions at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and they include the Division of Enforcement’s Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and the commission’s Deputy Director. One of his most significant achievements, when he was in office, is facilitation the formation of the SEC whistleblower program.

The laws of the program give the whistleblower a right to be awarded 10-30 percent of the fines that will be collected by the SEC, and the threshold of these penalties is one million dollars. The actions of other government agencies that enact the law may lead to the collection of other sanctions, and therefore, the informant can be offered extra rewards depending on the penalties collected. The whistleblowers should use SEC whistleblower lawyers to represent them if they need to give information anonymously. The public can get more information on the whistleblower protection program, by visiting the whistleblower representation team or reaching them via phones and emails. The Securities and Exchange Commission does not charge any fees, and it can be accessed by anyone.

Positivism Is Key To Successful Online Reputation Management

The term Online reputation management or Reputation Defender Review is often misunderstood by leaders of both large and small businesses who mistakenly believe this is a retroactive form of marketing designed to eliminate problems after they have appeared. However, as many business owners are discovering the need to protect an Online reputation is not based simply on reacting defensively to any issues being faced Online, but to use both good and bad social media comments as a way of showing a company in a positive light.
A recent article from Supermarket News explained just how Online reviews can be a chance to show just how any business is responding to its customers with a positive and forward thinking attitude; defensive or negative comments from a business owner or marketing team can lead to a fall off of sales because of a perceived negative attitude. The future of any business is now closely tied to its reputation Online regardless of whether the company has established its own social media or Internet presence. Almost every business will be represented on Yelp with customer reviews both positive and negative, which every business owner should now see as a chance to impress existing and future customers.

Reports suggest 90 percent of Yelp users trust Online reviews when making decisions about a business or service they are considering using, which means every business owner should take the time to respond to all comments without descending into arguments or negativity. Negative comments should be met with a positive spin about improved services or action being taken based on the complaints being represented Online. In the same fashion a positive comment should be met with thanks and a comment explaining how this success will hopefully be continued in the future. taking appositive approach to Online reviews and comments can alter the view of a business taken by other readers who can often have a negative view altered by the positivity taken through Online marketing.